The Ghosts

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If a friend of yours dies then you’re expected to grieve,

But what are you to do if they just fuck off and leave?

Where is the condolence? Or shoulders on which to cry?

Trust me, that’s what you need when there is no reason why!

I’ve got so many failings but friendship isn’t one,

When friends just disappear I can’t fathom why they’re gone.

The ‘advice’ says that you should remember the good times,

That this isn’t about me, that my mind’s committing crimes.

But how’s something so beautiful simply tossed away?

All the laughs we shared, those sunny, shining diamond days

Should all be cherished memories for me to share with friends,

But those tales are now tainted by how the story ends.

I doubt you’ll ever see this, hope one day you’ll be back.

That we’ll be back at gigs, or in pubs having the craic.

My inexplicable reasons that drove you away

Might be reasonable to you, and if they are, just say!

Your silence in going ghost has left me feeling numb,

I know I fail at most things but friendship isn’t one.

So when you’re ready, if you ever fancy a beer,

Please remember that I love you. And I’ll always be here.