The Healing

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Her scars don’t come from battle

And you can’t see them on her skin.

The scars aren’t even healed yet,

They still affect her deep within.

Her pain makes her feel frightened,

She just wants the pain to stop.

There are days too overwhelming

To even go down to the shop.

She masks her scars with smiles,

More beautiful than heaven.

Ask her to give you one laugh

And she’ll give you six or seven.

She’s desperate for her scars to heal,

There’s times she thinks she’s failing.

She compares herself with others,

Who she thinks are all prevailing.

But life’s not a competition,

We seldom see the bigger pictures.

The rules of life aren’t defined,

We can all write our own scriptures.

I know that she feels broken,

Her world’s complex and confusing.

She thinks that no-one cares,

Fears others find her pain amusing.

But I said I’d always be there

And that vow has no time limit.

I’ll always try to shine a light

When her own mind tries to dim it.

She needs some time to heal,

But one day she’ll thrive, scar free,

And bring joy to countless others,

But especially to me.