Walk Home On Your Own

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The first time that I met you, girl, something just felt so right.

I loved to hear you laughing as we talked throughout the night.

I hadn’t asked a girl out for months, maybe even years,

But in just one afternoon you’d made me forget the tears

That I’d used for ages as an excuse to stay alone.

You made me feel so happy, like a dog with two new bones.

Then you mentioned your boyfriend and said you had to go,

And that’s where our night ended but I want you to know….


I’d love if you were my girl, I’d be incredibly proud,

I’d tell the world each minute and I’d shout it really loud.

We’d go out with red paint with which we’d decorate the town,

We’d pick each other up if ever one of us felt down.

We’d spend evenings watching telly at home in an embrace,

I’d tell you silly jokes to watch a smile light up your face.

We’d spend time on Bala lake just chilling out, skipping stones,

And I swear that you’d never have to walk home on your own.


I vowed I’d not steal another man’s girl ever again,

And I’d be so happy to have you ‘just’ as my best friend.

But these feelings I have for you are like a fire without smoke.

Life without you would be weird, like an egg without a yolk.

They say we belong together yet somehow you can’t see

The good thing we have going and how perfect we could be.

We’d make each other’s sun shine when it’s cloudy, damp and cold,

Our lives would be such fun we’d never have time to grow old.


I would never cheat on you, I’d just never have the need.

I’d be grinning all the time like a Cheshire cat on speed.

I’d be listening to every single word you’d ever say,

We go and see the world and travel first class all the way.

Each day I’d pick you flowers and bring breakfast to your bed,

And I’d help release the dreams that are trapped inside your head.

If only you’d let me. I can’t make it happen alone,

And until then I guess you’ll have to walk home on your own.