More Than Friends?


They say falling in love takes months, or maybe even years.

For me it seemed to happen after just a couple of beers.

Started one Friday night in the pub that was my local,

A band played in the corner with a Welsh girl on the vocals.

I’d met a really pretty girl and she seemed really smart,

Raven coloured hair, blue eyes melting my heart.

It came as quite a shock to me that girls like her existed,

If she was an old building then she’d be grade A listed.

And now each time I meet her my knees start getting weak.

I feel like David Dickinson fondling a rare antique.

She volunteers her shoulder when I’ve got no place to cry,

She gives me reassurance when I ask for reasons why.

When all I need’s a cuddle, or someone just to hold,

She’s the one that warms me whenever it gets cold.

I need no excuse to love her, it’s just because I wanna,

I need her more than Terminator needed Sarah Connor.


But I’m seen as a joker, each beauty sees me as a friend,

A broad shoulder to cry on, a crutch that never bends.

I can’t see why she’d love me but, hey, it’s just no use,

That little bastard Cupid’s got my neck caught in his noose.

I’ve never told her how I feel, she just thinks of me as ‘friend’,

Which I guess is kind of cool as friendships seldom end.

When I think of what we could be, though, if we gave it a chance,

It always makes my head spin and I go into a trance.

So tonight I got courageous and went to meet her in the pub,

I’d dressed to impress her, my new shoes began to rub.

My pulse began to quicken, my palms began to sweat.

Was this my defining moment, the only chance I’d ever get?

Half way through my beer she came in through the door,

More beautiful than ever, I couldn’t take it any more.

She introduced me to Matt. Last night was their first date.

I’m left with sore feet, half a beer and a gorgeous mate.