Griff's Poems

Griff is not a poet but he’s written some poems over the years. Some aren’t bad, some a very bad, some are absolutely terrible. You can decide for yourself which ones are which.  If poems are your thing then maybe you’ll even like some of these!

eyes, psychology, anxiety disorder-730749.jpg
The Healing
circle, woman, hat-5816819.jpg
The Unexplained
bored, boring, cartoon-2022500.jpg
Can't Be Arsed
girlfriends, friendship, hug-2213259.jpg
The Words
man, faceless, horror-1283576.jpg
The Ghosts
grief, death, to die-214442.jpg
street, people, architecture-4309465.jpg
Walk Home Alone
Spoons, Man
Fluffy Socks
Baby Factory
More Than Friends?
polar bear, glass, bear-3065359.jpg
Polar Bears