Polar Bears

polar bear, glass, bear-3065359.jpg


Polar bears are cuddly and polar bears look nice,

But when it comes to eating you, old Polar won’t think twice,

And who can really blame her, when you see what we do?

Her habitat’s at threat and she doesn’t have a clue.

Her nemesis is someone that she’ll never see or know;

Thanks to us she’ll soon have nowhere left to go:

The forest’s not for her, deserts would make her sweaty.

She needs an icy Arctic more than bolognese needs spaghetti.


The days are gone when she’d wait all day, chillblains in her feet,

Knowing she’d come across a seal or something else to eat.

More graceful in the water than a million dollar yacht,

To swim and find her food’s now the only hope she’s got.

How would she feel if she knew her troubles stem from you and me?

Our obsessions with our looks and how we get from A to B.

Though she might not know, Polar Bear’s close to her extinction.

It’s all our generation’s fault, do we want that distinction?