The Unexplained

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Tell me I’m too old, tell me I’m too ugly.

Tell you that you hate the way I’m patient when you bug me.

Tell me I’m too drunk, tell me that I bore you.

Tell me that you’re overwhelmed by the way that I adore you.

Where’s my explanation? Why can’t you just tell me?

Why do I have to second guess the reasons you repel me?

Perhaps I ask too much, sometimes I guess I’m too demanding.
Perhaps your reasons don’t involve anything I had a hand in.

Maybe even you don’t know the reason you reject me.

Maybe the truth hurts and you’re trying to protect me.

Is that why we’re still close? Is that why you’re still my best mate?

Is that why I’m so pleased for you that you’re going out on dates?

I just wish I had an answer, I just wish that it was plain.

I just wish my heart could accept that it’s ‘break’ is unexplained.